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The photo agency Aquashot was created by renowned photographers Laurent Masurel and Damien Poullenot in 2007, after five years of partnership. With years of experience at the world’s most spectacular breaks including La Gravière in Hossegor, Waimea Bay and Pipeline in Hawaii, Teahupoo in Tahiti, Poullenot and Masurel created the first agency specialized in water-shooting offering both video and photography services to the world’s leading surf brands.

Laurent Masurel - Aquashot

Damien Poullenot - Aquashot

Masurel, a former accounts’ manager for the famous sunglass company Arnette, was raised in Africa developing his hunger for discovery and travel from his youngest days. Getting into photography in his early 20’s while graduating in Business and Accounts’ Management, the now-recognized shooter developed his experience and knowledge while pursuing a career that many wouldn’t have thought would lead him to his current job. Masurel’s path is one-of-a-kind in the world of surf photography.

A former 4 place finisher in the Pipeline Body Surfing Challenge in Hawaii, the big-wave amateur naturally came to professional photography in 2000 after a decade of amateur shooting, the Basque resident putting both his swimmer’s experience and technical photographic skills in motion to become one of France’s most recognized photographers.

“I’ve had been bodysurfing since a young age and got passionate about photography so it made sense to try and mix both. I use to feel comfortable in big waves and since then I’ve been going ten times to Hawaii, four times to Tahiti and have had the chance to shoot some really unforgettable sessions. Compared to when I was working as an accounts’ manager, it sounds a lot more attractive doesn’t it?”

Working with France and Europe’s major surf magazines (Surf Session, Surf Europe, Trip Surf…) as well as some of Australia and USA’s surfing press leaders (Surfers’ Journal…), Masurel’s work was published around the world for years before the idea of Aquashot’s creation became a solid project.

Poullenot, a longtime resident in Hossegor, home of Europe’s most spectacular beachbreaks, followed a different nonetheless original path in his way to becoming a professional photographer. After graduating from University with a Master in Environmental Engineering and being left unemployed despite a year of active search, Poullenot decided to use his personal passion for photography and start earning his life along Hossegor’s beaches, shooting tourists and surf schools. Determined to make a living out of his camera, the well-known La Gravière charger slowly set his eyes on a possible professional career until he sold his first ever shot to current Quiksilver Europe CEO Pierre Agnes.

“I remember being very impressed when I got that phone call,” Poullenot said. “It was the first time ever someone would buy me a photo and when I sat down in front of Pierre, I didn’t even know how much I was going to ask… That day is kind of the start of my professional career!”

Masurel and Poullenot’s paths crossed in 2007, when they met as neighbors in Hossegor. Both photographers, water shooting specialists, Masurel’s experience and networks added to Poullenot’s hunger and business vision naturally led to the creation of a joint-forces agency, the first ever in the surfing world in Europe. In a business where market shares are small and locked-in by a few leaders, the association of these two caused a major change offering more availability and variety to their soon-to-become clients. Bringing innovation in their approach of their profession, using their two-head approach to deliver some two-angle shots (land and water angle of a same action…), Aquashot slowly rose to become one of the leading photo agencies.

Their success in the surf industry pushed the two men to reach bigger media, the dynamic duo working with France’s number 1 sports newspaper L’Equipe and delivering some wide-target audience reportages on the icons of surfing Kelly Slater and Jeremy Flores and well as many of France’s rising talents. Collaborating with several agencies and working with main stream press on top of their boardsports publications, Aquashot remains one of the best quality photo service provider.

With almost ten years of travel around the world covering surf trips, touristic documentaries and fashion photo shooting sessions, Aquashot has gained a key role with a focus on all water sports and leisure. Renowned for their water shooting skills, all three photographers have gained respect and built their experience through travelling and publications. Through their passion of photography, Aquashot now stands as a serious asset for any imagery need from any customer. Such a gathering of talent and possibilities remains one of a kind in the world of photography.

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